“We can innovate education through collaboration, that’s the core philosophy of Prepr. Richard successfully lives this philosophy in his class and inspires students to be creative thinkers in order to solve challenges.”

Salar Chagpar, PMP

The activity developed in Richard’s class illustrates both the spirit and the body of the Technological Education Curriculum. Students learn by solving real-world problems, often open-ended, and they have fun doing it.”

Marc Lijour, OCT, BSc, MBA

Lead the revision of the Technological Education Curriculum at the Ministry of Education (Ontario)

Kristan ‘Krispy’ Uccello – software engineer

Dr. Paul Kim, Chief Technology Officer and Assistant Dean of the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University.

“Richard Baxter was a valued member of the PSED Project. He was very intelligent, hard working and very much committed to the needs of his students.”

Trevor Higginbottom, Chief Executive Officer Consultant To the Shanghai Xiehe Education Organisation, Shanghai, China

Greg Beiles, Head of School / Director of Education, The Toronto Heschel School

Elizabeth Lenell Davies, Lead Architectural Educator and Program Designer, for

Imagining My Sustainable City
No.9 Contemporary Art & The Environment,Toronto

Artist Evond Blake – Mediah


“Richard illuminates learning as a lifelong passion for his students! His students develop deep understandings of critical processes that become a foundation for creativity and success. He is the avant-garde of education. Too few teachers really do that.”

Sebastian Hergott, Chair, Elementary Department, Queen Victoria Public School, TDSB

“Richard Baxter has so much energy he spills off the page! His projects are always much bigger than he is. Richard stirs people up, gets them thinking and doing beyond the usual, and clearly, his students’ success is his biggest goal.”

Norah Jackson, President, Roarockit Skateboard Company
Bend It Out Of Thin Air

“I want to thank you on the outstanding and ground breaking work you accomplished during your tenure in Organizational Development.”

Gerry Connelly, Associate Director, Toronto District School Board


2 thoughts on “Supporters

  1. ‘“Occasionally a teacher comes along to infuse real life creative process with students.

    We are an arts organization called No.9 Contemporary Art and the Environment and we had the pleasure of collaborating with Richard Baxter on a four-day AND a two-day intensive design program for [his] grade 7 students. The program is called Imagining My Sustainable City. Richard’s interest in technology enhanced our inquiry based project and, together, we set the playing field for all [his] students to succeed. As a teacher, Richard is forward thinking with a honed interest in expanding student access via technology to share peer to peer work within a classroom to classroom sharing works between districts and provinces. Our collaboration was truly remarkable because with Richard, we tried to give youth the tools they need to be agents for change in their communities.”

    Elizabeth Lenell Davies, Lead Architectural Educator and Program Designer, for
    Imagining My Sustainable City
    No.9 Contemporary Art & The Environment,Toronto

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I look forward to working with No9 again – it truly is an honour to work with such dedicated professionals – thank you again for the opportunity afforded to myself and to the communities you serve.


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