I’m a Judge for the 2017 Reimagine Education Awards!


The Reimagine Education award competition and conference with my fellow #reimaginers has expanded my mind to the endless possibilities and potential that education holds for me, my students, and the rest of the world.  We are truly in the midst of a global knowledge revolution – and education has never been more exciting!

I am beginning a new teaching assignment in September at Birch Cliff Public School  (BCPS) where the students will participate in The Bootstrapping Checklist, which was Shortlisted at the Reimagine Awards in 2016.

I will announce some new program partnerships and some established ones for the BCPS community in September, when the school year starts – for now, I am excited to share my achievement as judge for the 2017 Reimagine Education Awards, and to encourage students in the (especially) K-12 space to apply for the Student-Led Innovation Award – an excellent opportunity to encourage our youth to participate in this important and inspiring yearly event.

Thanks much and enjoy the rest of the summer!!

Rich B

Rich Baxter is an educator and advocate for social innovation, the arts, and entrepreneurial education in our public schools. He is honoured to be a Judge for the 2017 QS Stars Reimagine Education Awards.


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